Paste the URL or the ID of the FACEBOOK page which you want to get RSS feeds from

This tool is absolutely FREE and you don't need to login or give any info! Just paste the facebook page url (or ID) and start getting its public posts via rss. The feeds are synced every 3 (three) hours, only if someone requests them.

It supports textual posts, images, links and also videos (if the RSS reader supports them)


UPDATE: in the next weeks i'll finally start working to bring this service back to life! \o/

Last 10 Added:

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TimePage name
2019-Jul-11 09:50 CEST"Shakira"
2019-Jun-13 11:09 CEST"3MUC Natation"
2019-Jun-09 18:07 CEST"AGM La Montagne"
2019-May-27 11:48 CEST"Nautic Club Nîmois"
2019-May-21 19:45 CEST"CN Balma"
2019-May-19 14:16 CEST"Vue Belle Natation"

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